CPU (Opera)

CPU (A post-apocalyptic electronic opera for the end of the world, in one act.)


‘Imagine the prison of repetition
A pitch-perfect perpetual misery
Awaiting each player ignition
Is a blanket of unusable memory’

Blowback (and other mishaps) 2013

for percussion quartet and roaming click track.

Recreating digital effects through acoustic phenomena, each performer’s computer-controlled click track moves ever so slightly to mimic reverb, flanger and reverse-delay effects live. As the piece plays out, these effects are varied and enhanced to sustain concisely out-of-phase relationships between each player (very close relationships create stutter effects, while longer phase distances create sweeping reverb tails). Written for Mangobot.

Divisions of Progress (2009)

for piano, computer and any five instruments.

Each player provides an audio track to be randomly sliced and redistributed throughout the audience. As the piano soloist triggers new sections, each performer plays a series of game mobiles that evolve in complexity throughout the piece. Written for the 2009 Bang on a Can Festival. Richard Valitutto, piano soloist.