Drift (2009)

for drumset and any amplified instrument.

Meant to be a lead sheet for a metal band – like a jazz fakebook on pills. Written for futureCities (Anne Rainwater & Jude Traxler).

trax_sequencer1 (2009)

In 2009, I built a homemade audio slicer that cleverly manipulates any audio track it receives. It quickly thereafter become one of my favorite musical robots. This is a short preview of trax_sequencer1 randomizing Erin Frith singing Hurt, by Nine Inch Nails.

Divisions of Progress (2009)

for piano, computer and any five instruments.

Each player provides an audio track to be randomly sliced and redistributed throughout the audience. As the piano soloist triggers new sections, each performer plays a series of game mobiles that evolve in complexity throughout the piece. Written for the 2009 Bang on a Can Festival. Richard Valitutto, piano soloist.

Fallout (2009)

for two performers arguing on any subject.

With simple rhythms, two (or more) performers have improvisatory spats on random topics. Lasting only sixty seconds, both parties must continually react while speaking / shouting in the rhythms provided. Written for Andy Kozar & William Lang.

Behind the Walls of Sleep (2008)

for keyboard instrument and any six music boxes.

A rubberband lullaby affixed to the sliding tempo of six music box melodies. Written for Brett William Dietz.