Propaganda (2012)

for muted glockenspiel and soprano saxophone.

If you repeat something long enough, no matter how absurd or nonsensical, people will eventually believe it. Written for Brett William Dietz & Griffin Campbell.

TRAXLA – Nov 2012

Luke Traxler and I have been building a dubstep metal band for the last 2 years. Imagine seeing your favorite DJs actually performing intricate, hard-hitting original jams, rather than simply hitting PLAY on their laptops. Check out this improv with an eclectic collection of samples from Jaco to Björk.

When the Lights Change (2010)

for two singers, toy piano and video cues.

Players react to randomized video projections with assigned stage tasks while performing music material based on Ravel’s Gaspard de la nuit. Written for the Ekmeles Vocal Ensemble.

The Black Brave Ocean (EP) 2010

Based on 21 chords, the Black Brave Ocean evolved into 5 installations – individual compositions that are, essentially, bad copies of bad copies, creating structural and tonal variations that eventually collapse into a series of theatric games and concluding with no performers at all through audio playback.