Badwater Basin – Alexandre Lunsqui (2022)

Greg Chudzik performs this upright bass masterpiece that makes incredible use of this giant instrument with virtuosic interplay between the right and left hands. Utilizing wooden dowels, triangle beaters, a guitar pick, and bow, Lunsqui creates a unique sound world that Chudzik champions with attitude and ease.

Count to Five – Recap (2021)

Recap is a New Jersey percussion quartet, presenting works by six powerhouse composers on their debut album.

Arlene Acevedo, Alexis Carter, Tiahna Sterling, & Aline Vasquez. Featuring TRANSIT New Music and Caroline Shaw. Available on Innova Records.

In Modifier Keys – Jude Traxler (2020)

For inverted snare drum, crotales, tuning forks, and audio looper, In Modifier Keys explores the extended sound world of a snare drum as a noise resonator with a 6-channel output. Commissioned as part of his Amplified Perception project, Al Cerulo performs this with piece with a ceremonial intensity.