Complete Catalog of Compositions


The Weight of Change – for solo drum


Stay Not Found – for percussion quartet


Left to Lose – 10 songs on becoming

All the Broken Parts – for solo vibraphone


Destination Nevermore – for three or more players

Neither / Either – for solo piano

Math Metal Meth Mouth (M4) – for four percussion with live-triggered audio playback

Math Metal Meth Mouth (M5) – quintet for four percussion and piano

In Modifier Keys – for amplified snare drum, crotales, tuning forks, and audio looper

Dance for Mya (Bridget & Mack) – audio recording


Partials – 5 songs on wanting


The Untold Range (by Stuart Saunders Smith & Jude Traxler) – for 3–5 percussionists, chimes, and pre-recorded environmental sounds


Structural Harm – for drumset and live-triggered audio playback

Deconstruction Principles – duet for percussion with live-triggered audio playback


Mantratronic – for percussion ensemble

Bomb Track – for solo percussion and live-triggered audio playback


Little Did We Know – for violin and piano

CPU (Opera) – 14 songs for one actor, 25 iPads, 3 musicians, and the end of the world; in one act


Revlover [REMIX] – audio recording

Revolver – for solo glockenspiel and 6-channel delay

Blowback (and other mishaps) – quartet for double duo and roaming click track


MProp – audio recording

Propaganda – duet for muted glockenspiel and soprano saxophone

Trucks – audio recording

Litany for the Whale – a play by Matt Wilson


Little Drummer Boy – audio recording

As if not at all – for solo percussion and two “talk” radios

Hurt – audio recording

RIM (BBO_Remix) – audio recording

Waterfall – for one or more performers in a bathtub

So I could not send answer – for two cellphones and computer


from Clarity – for keyboard quartet

When the Lights Change – duet for two keyboards and vocalists

for _______ .  – for solo keyboard and voice

Bleeding Hearts – for solo piano

Knife Fight – for two performers and video projection cues

from poison – for any keyboard instrument and six audio playback devices

The Screens (v2) – a play by Jean Genet


Moon River – audio recording

Digital Hum – for piano, percussion, and computer

Afterburn – for any eight keyboard instruments – four players

find ten ways to be alone – for five or more players with flashlights

The Screens (v1) – a play by Jean Genet

Divisions of Progress – for solo piano, computer, and any five instruments

trax_sequencer1 – live electronic sound installation

Drift – duet for drumset and any amplified instrument

The Black Brave Ocean – for three pianos


Fallout – for two performers arguing on any subject

Twilight – duet for electric guitar and any amplified treble instrument

Anthology / Radio Edits – audio recording

Behind the Walls of Sleep – a lullaby for any solo keyboard instrument and any six amplified music boxes

Sun Out – for any voice, string or keyboard instrument and computer – one player

Pieces Mended (DS) – for solo drumset


Pieces Mended (SD) – for solo snare drum and prerecorded electronics

for Septet – for chamber ensemble

An Anthology of Time Apart: Linger – live electronic sound installation

The Avery Sympathetics – for solo cello

to Katie, from Baltimore – for solo vibraphone

Machine Pieces – a multiple-percussion method

Songs for Separation – for 13 instruments and percussion soloist

The Waking – for voice and piano


Needles for Fireworks – audio recording

Clarity – for percussion quintet

Affects II – for baritone saxophone, acoustic guitar, and string orchestra

Affects I – for celesta, two vibraphones, and string orchestra

Twelve – for any twelve instruments

Fireball – for string quartet

An Homage to Sleep – for three or more performers

Fight Songs – for brass quintet