The Weight of Change (2023)

Brett William Dietz premieres my solo game piece, The Weight of Change, for drum and coins. Based on Brett’s previous homes’ street numbers, the performer rips out a serious of rhythmic phrases before the coin falls.

In Modifier Keys – Jude Traxler (2020)

For inverted snare drum, crotales, tuning forks, and audio looper, In Modifier Keys explores the extended sound world of a snare drum as a noise resonator with a 6-channel output. Commissioned as part of his Amplified Perception project, Al Cerulo performs this with piece with a ceremonial intensity.

Neither / Either (2019)

for solo piano

Neither / Either is stripped from my quintet, Math Metal Meth Mouth, verbatim.
Written for my good friend, Anne Rainwater.

Revolver (SUITE)

A six-piece suite (in progress) for solo keyboard and 6-channel playback where the end of one piece begins the next. All tunes are based on transcriptions of some of the most influential songs in my life from the pop idiom.

Revolver (2013)

for solo glockenspiel and 6-channel delay.

Glock and computer outputting directional delay lines through speakers placed around the audience. Based on music by Rage Against the Machine. Written for Brett William Dietz.

from poison (2013)

for any keyboard instrument and six audio playback devices.

For soloist speaking and performing with offstage piano and six-channel audio playback devices surrounding the audience. Based on music and text by Jeffrey Moreira & Poison the Well. Written for Daniel Heagney & Anne Rainwater.

Digital Hum (2009)

the first 360 digits of Pi for piano and percussion

Written for Anne Rainwater and her obsession with the finite infinite

Behind the Walls of Sleep (2008)

for keyboard instrument and any six music boxes.

A rubberband lullaby affixed to the sliding tempo of six music box melodies. Written for Brett William Dietz.

Sun Out (2008)

for any voice, string or keyboard instrument and computer – one player

A study on computer/performer interaction featuring the poetry of Kenneth Koch

Pieces Mended (2007)

for solo snare drum and prerecorded audio.

Snare drums recorded, sampled, affected and played back… with snare drum. Written for Chris Fauries & Chad Heiny.