About Music

jude_greenI believe that art exists in the moment and that any truly magical performance should not be possible to repeat. I’ve embraced this in my music by composing with a series of games structures and actions filling in a constantly shifting series of mobile forms. In essence, the performers could not repeat a work the same way twice, even if they tried. This process creates surprise and intrigue – for the listener and performers – by allowing extraordinary moments to occur without intention. Through game structures, the composer’s ego is taken away while the performer’s ego is employed to create the piece, making snap decisions and even occasionally cheating the game system to attempt a predictable outcome. (Besides, what’s the fun of playing if one can’t cheat?)

My music is a spiral of formal structures and evolving rule sets incorporating all aspects of live performance. Theater and movement are used as physical tasks replacing musical themes and motives. Sounds are created through a revolving series of pan-diatonic chords and intuitive rhythms that constantly hint at a fleeting groove. Music then appears as a delightful byproduct of the aforementioned circus of experimentalism, and the audience has then had the pleasure of following a journey of sounds and stories that, because of the chance involved in its creation, is always fresh and original.


If you have any questions or thoughts, email me judetraxler@gmail.com

Photo by Jamie Jung (2010)