My Side of the Story – Andy Meyerson (2016)

Andy Meyerson “performs” my work, Structural Harm. Created at Traxler Studios (NYC), August 2015 for Slashsound Records.

I wanted to write a piece for Andy Meyerson that was truly collaborative – not just the resultant composition, but the process by which the piece was brought to life. I sent Andy home with three MIDI drum triggers and asked him to improvise. He sent me back a MIDI map consisting of only attack points on a five-minute drumset solo: kick, snare and tom. As if he punched holes in a floating progression of chords, Andy provided the rhythmic material through which I sifted a collection of sounds. I then edited and organized sections to form and taste.

We collapsed each other’s compositions to create something whole – a clear collaboration lacking control.
Without one another, all cards must fold.