The LINKS Series (Live)

I’m slowly making my way through the entire LINKS Series of Vibraphone Essays: a continuous masterpiece of 11 vibe solos by the legendary Stuart Saunders Smith. Keep an ear out – I’ll be performing the entire 2-hour throwdown (from memory) before it’s all over…

When the Lights Change (2010)

duet for two keyboards and vocalists

Players react to randomized video projections with assigned stage tasks while performing music material based on Ravel’s Gaspard de la nuit. Written for the Ekmeles Vocal Ensemble.

Remember & Crossings (EP) Studio Sessions

Stuart and I met in June of 2007. After many years of discussing the lack of finesse and musicality in “electronic” music, we collaborated on a structure of graphic notations and electron manipulations. The result – a romp of improvisatory drumming and an iPod on shuffle. Check out the overhead cam from the studio recording with Dustin Cicero at Manhattan School of Music in 2010.