Blowback (and other mishaps) 2013

for percussion quartet and roaming click track.

Recreating digital effects through acoustic phenomena, each performer’s computer-controlled click track moves ever so slightly to mimic reverb, flanger and reverse-delay effects live. As the piece plays out, these effects are varied and enhanced to sustain concisely out-of-phase relationships between each player (very close relationships create stutter effects, while longer phase distances create sweeping reverb tails). Written for Mangobot.

The LINKS Series (Live)

I’m slowly making my way through the entire LINKS Series of Vibraphone Essays: a continuous masterpiece of 11 vibe solos by the legendary Stuart Saunders Smith. Keep an ear out – I’ll be performing the entire 2-hour throwdown (from memory) before it’s all over…

Photo by Jamie Jung (2010)

Revolver (2013)

for solo glockenspiel and 6-channel delay.

Glock and computer outputting directional delay lines through speakers placed around the audience. Based on music by Rage Against the Machine. Written for Brett William Dietz.

Revlover [REMIX] 2013

My solo, Revolver, reversed, then fed through the machine backwards one section at a time is Revlover [REMIX]. Think ‘Memento’ for your ears.

from poison (2013)

for any keyboard instrument and six audio playback devices.

For soloist speaking and performing with offstage piano and six-channel audio playback devices surrounding the audience. Based on music and text by Jeffrey Moreira & Poison the Well. Written for Daniel Heagney & Anne Rainwater.

Revolver (EP) 2013

Commissioned by Brett William Dietz for his album of glockenspiel solos, Nocturne, Revolver is a mind-bending work for solo glock and 6-channel delay. With speakers placed around the audience, Revolver plays on directional themes and riffs on motives from Rage Against the Machine’s tune by the same name.